Big Brick City Survey - logo A survey for LEGO® city builders worldwide

The Big Brick City Survey is a new questionnaire for LEGO® City builders worldwide.

We want to know about your LEGO City - what it’s called, how big it is, and more - to see if we can find any cool trends around the world. If that wasn't motivation enough, we're offering one prize of $100 USD / €100 EUR / £100 GBP in LEGO sets or vouchers to one winner drawn at random. You can enter without providing your personal details, if you prefer!

We will then publish a report of our findings online, which we can hopefully then use to compare data year after year.

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The survey closes at midnight UK time on Monday, 30th January 2023. The survey may take around 5 - 15 minutes to complete. This is open to adults aged 18 years or over - if you are under (21 in some jurisdictions), please ask someone of an appropriate age to complete the form. You only need to enter personal details if you would like to be entered in the prize draw. Entries subject to our terms and conditions.



Mostly, it’s because the question "what is the most popular city name in the world?" has been bugging us for a while.

We created the Big Brick City Survey because we are LEGO fans, LEGO cities are cool, and we have a lot of questions about them. Have you ever wondered what the biggest LEGO city in the world is? What the most common LEGO city name is? Well, hopefully, we can find out!

When will results be published?

We aim to close the survey in late January 2023, and we estimate processing the data may take up to one month, so we'll hopefully have the results ready by early March 2023.

What if I have more than one city?

Lucky you! You can submit one city per form. You are welcome to submit more than one city if you’re lucky enough to have multiple LEGO cities - just complete our form once for each city you have.

Does my city have to be made entirely from LEGO bricks?

No, your city does not have to be predominately built from LEGO bricks, but we would like cities to contain some LEGO bricks. We know some fans have third party parts in their cities and that’s cool!

What data do you keep?

We will store anonymous data and data about your LEGO city for future years, to be able to compare data between years. If you submit personal data, we only keep that for as long as we need to select a winner for the prize draw, and after that it is deleted.

What do you do with the data?

We’ll process the entries with the help of some mathematicians, LEGO fans, and other city builders. This will enable us to try and categorise the entries, and hopefully find trends with the way people name or build their LEGO cities (or not!)

I'm aged under 18, how can I enter?

You need to be a legal adult in your home country to enter. This is 18 years old in the UK; it can be 21 years old in other jurisdictions. If you are under this age, please ask someone in your family of a suitable age to submit your city for you.

About us

The Big Brick City Survey is run by team behind Bricks McGee, based in the UK. We are huge LEGO City fans, and we also help organise the Brick Train Awards each year.

Thank yous

Thank you to the many AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) who had input in to the questionnaire, the website, and the wording, including Caz Mockett, Levi Reid, Alan Hargreaves (@itsabrickthing), Huw Millington of, Henry Ayling, Lewis Bird, Nicola Rippon, and Jules Brown. Special thanks to those non-LEGO fans who helped lend their expertise, including Adam Drummond.

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